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Trade Management Solutions FAQ's

Q: Why outsource?
A: Low initial investment, high quality and a typical savings of 40% to 60%.

Q: How long should a quotation take?
A: Depending on whether the product is quoted from a drawing or a sample, the length of time for the quotation is approximately two weeks.  If we are simply meeting a requirement for a standard part, quoting can sometimes happen within 7 days.

Q: Do I need a large order to make sourcing financially viable?
A: The size of the order and the production method required will what size order will be cost effective. Since tooling costs vary(if required) with each process and will affect the per-unit cost, a precise cost analysis for a specific part can only be obtained by requesting an actual quotation.

Q: What can I expect for delivery time?
A: Again this depends on the type of manufacturing and the tooling involved(if any), and the shipping method.  Once product samples are approved, the product should be ready to ship in 4 to 5 weeks.  Ocean freight typically takes 4-5 weeks to arrive. 

Q: What costs are involved?
A: Contracts are decided on the FOB point.  The FOB price includes manufacturing and fees in the country of the manufacturer plus freight (air or sea) to the port of your choice. Other charges would include services of a custom broker, broker fees, custom and bond fees, document destination charges at the port, and freight charges from the port to your location of choice.