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Our Services

Trade Management Solutions can assist you with all your China(and overseas) sourcing requirements. We offer a complete one-stop-shop service from new or existing product sourcing to supplier qualification, manufacturing assistance, quality inspection to logistics. We can provide our services in an ongoing or per-project basis.

Product Sourcing Services

Our product sourcing network offers significant savings to our clients on behalf of lower labor and operational costs in China, proven product quality and efficient logistic supply channels, and our ability to find and negotiate the best price on your behalf.

  • Assist customers in locating new product sourcing channels through an extensive network including initial supplier or factory inspection
  • Identify and evaluate adequate suppliers for quality, price and on-time delivery by managing requests for information and quotations from suppliers
  • Negotiate pricing and contract terms, and also to negotiate and secure the best purchase price for smaller amounts than the manufacturer's typical minimum order.
  • Assist customers with import documentation for trouble-free entry in your country.

Product Sourcing Process

In most cases, a variety of packaging options can be offered based upon what the product is, the clients marketing needs and an individual countries language and content declaration requirements. Please note that the more lead time given prior to the desired delivery date will ensure the best price and a timely shipment.

Manufacturing Services

Having personnel located in China gives us the ability to locate suitable manufacturers and locally manage the production process - from quality control and packaging specifications to timely delivery. If necessary, we can coordinate multiple suppliers with a lead manufacturer performing final assembly and testing.

Quality Control

Our staff works closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure that all quality requirements are met. If necessary, we can coordinate with our clients to implement a specific QC standard.

  • Packing and quality inspections
  • Supplier/factory visits and inspections
  • Monitor the production process

Logistics Coordination

Once the product is manufactured, packaged, and ready for shipment, TMS will suggest the most economical export logistics options and oversee the execution of the process.

  • Evaluate and select most efficient and cost effective shipping option
  • Consolidate shipments from multiple suppliers
  • Customs clearance and documents